RFB's sustainability is guaranteed by the care taken in the selection of its natural and high-end materials, as well as by the production process and by following the regulations of the Extended Producer Responsibility dictated by the European Union. The final product is of very high quality, which results in great durability, using fabrics and leathers that can be updated, renewed, reused and, once their useful life comes to an end, easy to separate the different materials for later recycling.
Our national-origin leathers are carefully selected from sustainable sources. The tanning and finishing process take places in spanish tanneries that rigorously comply with all international requirements and examinations established by the Leather Working Group (LWG). This prestigious organization is dedicated to evaluating and certifying sustainable practices in leather.


Our products are manufactured in proximity to skilled artisans who have been working for luxury brands for over forty years.
Thus we reduce carbon offset and offer unique sustainably handcrafted pieces.
Production based on 100% handcrafted processes from a long heritage and tradition passed down from one generation to the next, marks the difference between RFB and other brands in the industry.
RFB also tells its own story, each product is a combination of high-end materials, consumer-focused aesthetics and nature-based design architecture aimed at empowering its consumers, a combination that makes the brand unique.


RFB's design is very much in line with EU guidelines, using 100% natural and sustainable materials of high quality and high durability and following closely the basis of the EU guidelines which will soon offer more specific eco-design regulations by product category.

By obtaining the LWG certification, our customers can be assured that the leathers used in our products meet the highest sustainability standards. The LWG focusses on key areas such as responsible water management, proper chemical usage and respect for labor rights, ensuring and environmentally and socially responsible approach.
This certification also reinforces our commitment to transparency and allows us to demonstrate the authenticity and quality of our luxury leather goods.


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